POS Systems

Fully integrated POS solutions for restaurants and retail businesses.


If you are a restaurant or a retail business, you need a system which goes beyond the capabilities of the cash register. You require customized and tailor made POS Merchant Card Services which includes a full range of counter based solution, specialized POS terminals, and sleek handheld device to manage inventory, order, and payment at one go. Our state-of-the-art, innovative, trusted, fast, user-friendly, and secure comprehensive suite of payment processing solutions can maximize your business operational capability. Since 2001, we have assisted many retail merchants with technology advanced POS devices to manage payments swiftly.

  • Touch-Screen Technology
  • Custom features
  • Easy To Learn And Use
  • Live Training
  • On Site Installation
  • PCI Compliant
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Buy Or Lease
  • Zero Setup Costs
  • Lowest Price Feature-For-Feature
  • Gift And Loyalty Integration
  • Chain Store Management

Our centralized Fidelity POS system is suitable to fit the needs and requirements of any business. We can customize the hardware and software portion as per your budget and requirements. Our easy-to-use, portable, and fully customized system consists of hardware, software, secure cash drawer, and integrated payment processing system. With Fidelity POS, you can save more money and time as the entire gamut of processing the transaction is handled and managed by Fidelity only.

POS terminals can reduce overhead, speed up the number of transactions in a day, and help you focus on other important areas without worrying about any failed transaction or mismatched balance sheet. We design POS systems exactly as per the needs and requirements of the retailers and restaurant owners. You can accomplish more with our POS application suite which includes the device, terminal, cash drawer, and interactive software to manage inventory and process order at the same time.

Retailers and restaurants need POS solutions designed to meet their specific needs. Which is why we offer a variety of PC-based terminals that go beyond the cash register. From an elegant counter-based solution to specialized terminals and a sleek handheld device, you’ll enjoy the power of a personal computer, inventory management software and payment processing system. Accomplish more in less time, so you can focus on the parts of your business you enjoy.

POS Systems

Clover Station: An All-In-One POS System

POS Systems

Clover Mini: Business Management Made Easy

POS Systems

Clover Mobile: The Power of Clover in Your Hand

POS Systems

Clover Go: Wherever Your Business Takes You

Our USP is our high service standard, integrity, and price. We have a strong reputation in the payment processing industry. Our R and D team conducts research to understand the challenges of the payment processing industry and offer the latest mobile, NFC enabled, and EMV-ready solution. If you have any queries, our 24X7 technical support is always ready to answer your queries and provide complete in-house merchant support.

Our personally chosen and fully tested POS system from Clover can let you accept credit cards, EMV chips, and contactless payments from the customers easily. Clover is a 100% all-in-one, safe and secure POS system to fit the needs and requirements of any business. We can discuss your business requirements and customize the complete Clover POS suite with the right components and software to deliver solution as per your business scenario.

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