Free Terminal For Payment Processing

Ingenico iCT250

Free Terminal For Payment Processing

If you have a retail store, we have a solution for you to process the payments. We sell free terminals for secure payment processing to grow your clientele. Our machines come in all shapes and sizes with lots of features including memory capacity, integrated printing capability, and interactive menu dashboard to ease out your payment processing issues. You will always enjoy a robust, fast, secure, and customized payment processing experience when you buy our retail terminals and credit card machines.


Verifone VX520 – CounterTop Terminal

 VX 520 is an advanced payment processing terminal solution combining long-lasting components, flexible connectivity options, and unprecedented processing speed to reduce retail overhead. The terminal is equipped with a fast processor, enhanced connectivity, and huge memory to ease out the merchant’s daily work. The VX platform is already been tested for time-sensitivity while processing payments successfully which means you can bank on this device.

 VeriFone VX 680 GPRS Wireless Terminal

 The VeriFone 680 is the latest offering from Verifone. With built-in capabilities like EMV compliant system, NFC/3G enabled, and wireless capabilities, it can process payments anywhere and anytime. You can select a payment type (debit, credit, prepaid, and gift) to process the payments quickly and swiftly. As the VX680 does not support a dial connection, you must check the processor before ordering it.

 Pax S80 – CounterTop Terminal

 The PCI PTS 3.x approved S80 terminal is an innovative, durable, and high-performance product from PAX. The terminal can process transactions quickly and reliably. Blessed with an intuitive ATM- style interface and ergonomic keypad, it is very easy to set up and operate this device. It supports advanced connectivity options ranging from Dial and Ethernet. To add on, the merchants and customers find it easy to use and process the payments. Due to the presence of powerful ARM11 processor and contactless payment system, it is one of the widely used payment processing counter top terminal.

Pax S90 Wireless GPRS Terminal

 S90 is currently the fastest wireless terminal offered by PAX. It is EMV compliant and comes with a double paper roll capacity as compared to other devices. This feature saves time to fasten the processing time and increase the number of transactions. With the presence of a thermal printer and internal PINpad, it is easy to type, process payments, and take prints. It is a compact GPRS enabled device which is compatible with all the popular processors. The company has gain stronger grounds by introducing technology sound wireless payment processing devices for small businesses.

First Data FD130 – CounterTop Terminal

Looking for a simple, secure, easy to use, and affordable credit card processing machine? FD130 is a compact device engineered purely for this purpose. It is equipped with EMV security protocol which means it can process the highly secure EMV cards (these cards have an extra layer of security). The terminal is equipped with multiple data connectivity options including Wi-Fi and can easily integrate with the broadband internet services to deliver a 24×7 seamless payment transaction solution. You will definitely save money and slash the operational budget. It also has a wide screen to see all the options clearly while using this machine.

First Data FD410 Terminal

 Want to give complete flexibility to the customer to pay for their orders on the table? FD410 terminal is just built for this purpose only. If you are a retail store on-the-move, this wireless, handheld, and point-of-sale device can help you process the payments easily without any worries. Equipped with a touch-screen interface, it is very easy to use and process the payments. The terminal’s smart ‘store-and-forward’ capability can process payments when there is no signal during the time of the transaction. The terminal is fully equipped for full range of payment processing solutions including credit, debit, gift cards, personal paper checks, and other items from a single provider.

 Ingenico iCT250 – CounterTop Terminal

 Ingenico ICT250 is packed with crystal clear outstanding color display and the latest PCI PED 2.0 security protocol. It can easily process 500 million instructions per second to fasten the processing speed and reduce the overhead. This credit card machine is NFC enabled and compatible with EMV standard to provide a better, faster and smarter payment processing interface. It can accept mobile phones also as a payment option due to the presence of NFC feature. The terminal supports dial modem, Ethernet, and GPRS/Wi-FI/Bluetooth module to tailor the payment processing solution for any business. Built on the open source platform, the machine is robust and flexible to process the payments through a complete range of wireless and wired connectivity sub-system.

Ingenico iWL255 – Wireless 3G Terminal

 The revolutionary iWL255 wireless 3G terminal is equipped with long battery life to process thousands of payments quickly and swiftly. The terminal is designed and engineered to enhance the merchant productivity. It is loaded with one of the fastest printer ever integrated into a credit card machine. It can print 30 lines per second to save time and improve efficiency. It has a wide array of wireless connectivity options including GPRS and Bluetooth to deliver 24×7 faultless payment processing and cut the operational costs. It is one of the most comprehensive and industry proven wireless terminal solution built on the powerful Ingenico Telium2 platform.

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