Accept Card Payments – Provide a Convenient Payment Option to Your Customers

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Accept Card Payments – Provide a Convenient Payment Option to Your Customers

Have you been saying no to each customer who wants to pay with a credit card? If yes, then the number of customers in your store will reduce and your business may suffer just because you were not able to provide a payment option that customers prefer.

If you Accept Credit Card Payments Online, it can increase your business sales. A business owner puts in a lot of effort to run a business; makes strategies for increasing sales, handles several employees, takes risks, etc. However, if the business owner does not provide the customers with the convenience of providing their preferred payment method, then the sales will go down and business will finally face losses.

Procedure of Accepting Card Payments:

Most business owners feel card payments as a huge problem until they start figuring out how much they are losing out on. If you’re sure about providing card payment option to your customers, then read on and follow the below simple steps.

  • Set up a Merchant Account: The first step of accepting card payments is setting up a merchant account with your bank or any other financial institute for accepting cards. The payments made by customers will get deposited in this merchant account.
  • Get the processing equipment: You should either lease or buy card processing equipment such as Credit Card Reader for Business and a modem for accepting and swiping the cards of your customers.


  • Online/ Mobile Processor: Customers want to get the benefits from online stores that they get from the local retailers. Offering a wide range of payment options will create a positive impression about your store and increase your sales. If you have an online store and you wish to accept credit card as an online payment method, you can ask your merchant processing service provider for appropriate method of payment. This is known as real time credit card processing. In this method, the customer submits their payment information and the payment gets processed through an online payment gateway instantly. If you already have an offline merchant account, then you can simply ask your provider to activate this service by applying for it.


  • Know the fees of your merchant account: Merchant accounts are not free. To be able to accept debit and credit cards is a service provided by the bank and thus you will need to pay for it. Minor amount of fees will be charged by your merchant processing provider depending on the amount of the payment. However, if you compare this amount with the number of customers you’d be getting, then the fees are negligible.


Why should you accept card payments?

Credit and Debit cards are gaining a lot of popularity. Customers prefer to choose for flexibility, convenience and security that these payment options provide in comparison to cash. Also, if you as a business owner when you consider the amount of loss that your business faces due to non-acceptance of credit cards, the results will be alarming. Therefore, you should Accept Credit Cards Online and in local stores not just for providing the benefits to customers, but also because it benefits your business.

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